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Fredda Wasserman, MA, LMFT, CT

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A Message from Fredda 

Welcome to my website. I hope I can be of support to you as you cope with the changes and challenges you are facing in your personal or professional life.

As a psychotherapist, I have devoted my career
to working with people who are living with life-changing illness as they move towards health and wholeness, as well as with those who are nearing end of life and grieving.

Let's see how we might work together.

                                    Areas of Specialty

Grief and Mourning

After the death of your dear one, your grief process will be a unique journey through uncharted territory.

As you navigate the tidal waves of emotions and reactions, it can help to have the support of someone who understands.

As a therapist who is certified
in Thanatology: Death, Dying, and Bereavement, I have devoted my career to life's final chapter. I am here to listen and accompany you along your path.

Allow me to introduce you to how guided imagery, meditation and art can help you calm your mind, nourish your soul, honor the memory of the person who died, and heal your heart.

Life-Changing Illness

Being diagnosed with a life-changing illness can turn your whole world upside down. Life becomes confusing and chaotic. Taking an active role in your own healing process is essential.

I will help you explore the mind/body/ heart connection. Rather than resisting the changes in your health or going on as if change wasn't occurring, discover the value of acknowledging what is happening. From this position, it may become easier to prioritize and make decisions about treatment options.

We will utilize guided imagery, relaxation techniques and other stress management tools.
The skills we will work on are designed to be used in combination with, not as a substitute for, any medical treatment plan you may be following.

Contact me to discover ways to enhance your quality of life as you move towards healing.

Life Transitions

There comes a time in life when change is inevitable. Whether it arrives suddenly, without warning, or is a consciously planned transition, your world is at least temporarily thrown out of balance and life becomes confusing and chaotic.

The changes may occur in your personal or professional life. You may consider the transition to be positive or negative. At these times, you may find yourself re-evaluating who you are, who you want to be, and what path you want your life to follow.

Let's work together along your quest to discover new meaning in life, re-prioritize your goals, make order out of chaos, and achieve and maintain a satisfying life balance. I am here to support you as you create the life of your dreams, filled with passion, meaning, and purpose.

End-of-Life Journey

In our culture, few people seem to be comfortable talking about end of life. Yet as surely as we were born, there will be a time when our journey will come to an end. People facing their own death frequently have a myriad of questions on their minds including: When will it happen? What will it be like? Am I ready? How should I prepare myself and my family?

Meaningful communication at end of life can be enriching for the person who is dying and for the family and friends. It can be an opportunity for great sacredness and healing. (Remember that healing does not mean curing; rather it refers to making whole).

If you, or your family and friends find that you are looking for a way to start the conversation, I invite you to contact me to help you plan a healing circle or to find a way that I can support you.


In these tumultuous times, Teletherapy allows you to meet with me without leaving your home or workplace.

Over many years, my clients have found that teletherapy is an effective way to fit therapy into their already over-booked schedules.

Through a secure, confidential, HIPAA-compliant technology, we are able to meet virtually from our separate locations. All you will have to do is arrange a space with sufficient privacy that will be free from distractions or intrusions during the duration of our session.

Give me a call or send a text to 310-503-1632 so that we can discuss whether teletherapy might be a good fit for you. I look forward to meeting you.

& Self-Care

A myriad of issues arise for even the most seasoned professionals when working with clients who are facing end of life or who are grieving. I offer one-time or ongoing consultation to individuals and/or groups of medical and mental health professionals.

Therapists, nurses, counselors, social workers, clergy, and all those in the helping professions need a self-care break from time to time.  

Several times a year, I offer a series of complimentary on-line  relaxation interludes.  Each session includes an inner journey designed to help you unwind, replenish, and recharge.

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Fredda's Philosophy...
While we may not have control over the events that occur in our lives,
                                       we do have choice as to how we will respond.

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